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16 Feb

The Strand Craft 166 is an uncompromising superyacht that is as outrageous as it is daring. Designed entirely around an automotive theme by Eduard Gray of Gray Design, this yacht is ideal for owners who are addicted to that new leather smell. Her low stance, enormous length and curled haunches give this vessel a dynamic aesthetic that is guaranteed to turn heads in the most well appointed marinas.

At the back, inside the yacht’s own garage of course, sits a bespoke Grey Design supercar. A car that can only be obtained through the purchase of the yacht. It gets by with a 4.3-litre V8 engine capable of pulling the sleek coupe to 320km/h. If you don’t fancy the custom car though, Grey Design will stow a Ferrari, Lamborghini or a Koenigsegg into the garage if you’d prefer.

To order yours today, visit Strand Craft USA.