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22 Jun

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20 Jan

As the fixed gear culture in Singapore progresses, Fixpatrix will be re-branding ourselves as RDFC.

Look out for more updates.

Tour of Singapore 2010

18 Oct

Tour of Singapore 2010 (TOS) is couple of months away. Lots of hard work have been put in by the guys & girls from Crank Arm Steady and friends. Tons of logistics and planning in the works. This is no doubt the biggest fixed gear riding event in Singapore. Fellow fixed gears rider from the region are expected to attend this ride.

Date: Saturday, December 11 at 3:00pm – December 12 at 3:00am (GMT +8)

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Support your local riders!!!!

Loop Magazine Vol.7

4 Oct

Retrospective of the tour stage 8

12 Sep

Read more of the pride and punishment at Velodramatic. J.

Cinelli Vigorelli 2011?!

11 Sep

Looks like some Team Germany colorway? Ok i am selling of my 2009 Vigorelli. Who wants? J.

120 Bikes on a Wall

19 Aug

A bicycle shop in Altlandsberg, Germany advertises their goods with a wall of around 120 bikes mounted on the building’s exterior in lieu of a sign. Pretty, but what do you think would happen if they tried it in New York? [via Pat’s Papers]

Stolen bike alert!

13 Aug

Jacky’s black Nagasawa was nicked outside the SUP clothing store this afternoon. Anyone seen this please contact our friends at CrankArmSteady.

Cinelli Supercorsa Pista 2011

10 Aug

Peep the rest of the Cinelli 2011 release here

BEWARE: Fake Leader 725TR

15 Jul

Apparently there are fake Leader 725TR frames floating around in the market. Watch out for those! Get the real deal at LeaderBikes