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Broken Planet X (Broken Arms)

3 Jan

Yep. There goes Arm’s Planet X. Warranty for the X ended on 31/12/2010. So any sponsors out there? The guys from Planet X reading this blog? Which new bike is it gonna be next? Stay tune for our next instalment. J


TOS2010: Sexy Posing Arm

15 Dec

Check the rest of the pics here

Kalavinka Refusal

7 Dec

Peep the rest of paul keller pictures at his flickr. J

Marty McFly 2015 Gear

22 Oct

Got some loose change apart from buying your bike parts? Cop the BTTF 2 memorabilia here. J

Hövding airbag helmet

21 Oct

I would prefer wearing my current helmet. Well just check the rest of the other styles here. J

Business Card/Bike Tool

20 Oct

Yamaguchi Zero Track & Hotta Pursuit Track

23 Sep

Quote from the seller: “They’re both highly illegal and will get you thrown out of any UCI sanctioned race”.

Spare change? Buy it here Fixedgearfever. J