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22 Jun

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The Type Bike

20 Oct

Check for more pics here. J

Tour of Singapore 2010

18 Oct

Tour of Singapore 2010 (TOS) is couple of months away. Lots of hard work have been put in by the guys & girls from Crank Arm Steady and friends. Tons of logistics and planning in the works. This is no doubt the biggest fixed gear riding event in Singapore. Fellow fixed gears rider from the region are expected to attend this ride.

Date: Saturday, December 11 at 3:00pm – December 12 at 3:00am (GMT +8)

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A Good Day to build a bike.

23 Jun

Very therapeutic to see a bike being built up.


21 Jun

Brian, Andey & Joseph, from Flwrider, were in town over the weekend and the local boys from Fixpatrix & Crank Arm Steady brought them on a mini T.O.S.

We, from Fixpatrix, hope you guys had a fun & wonderful time exploring Singapore with us.

Picture courtesy of MrBoBeep

Andey with the new Flwrider track bike

More pics on Crank Arm Steady.

X Cervelo by Chrome Hearts

28 May

Try dropping $60 000 on this ride.

Official sites:

RATSKL/CrankArmSteady/PEONFX/Fixpatrix/Nookmag/The Killer Gerbil unofficial ride

7 Mar

More than a dozen of riders from RATSKL were here in Singapore this weekend. We had a good crazy ride with almost 30 of us mashing down Orchard Road on a busy Saturday night traffic. Rode and hung out at some of our usual haunts together along with the crew from CrankArmSteadyPEONFXNookmag & The Killer Gerbil. It is definitely a memorable one.

Hopefully, we will be able to join RATSKL in KL for some ride in the near future.

Added RATSKL, Nookmag & The Killer Gerbil into our blog links too. With few of the camera wielding riders, I think we will see some photos up soon, so stay tune.

Peace out homies!