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17 Aug

This simple black-and-white game is getting rave reviews, everywhere from Destructoid to Reader’s Digest. You can download it now on Xbox Live for US$15.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Limbo, posted with vodpod

Fixed Gear Calculator

10 Jun

Calculate here at Surplace

MAKO Bike Tool

25 Apr

Looking good and great for this little handy bike tool. Check more out here at PocketToolX

21 Mar


Made of used inner bicycle tubes for various mp3 players. Check or buy em out here


9 Mar

Heft on Wheels: A Field Guide to Doing a 180

“Take one very large guy. Add booze, cigarettes, and an extreme amount of junk food. Mix in a wry, self-effacing wit. Throw in a bike. The result? Heft on Wheels, a potently funny look at turning your life around, one insanely unrealistic goal at a time.

Not that long ago, Mike Magnuson was a self-described lummox with a bicycle. In the space of three months, he lost seventy-five pounds, quit smoking, stopped drinking, and morphed from the big guy at the back of the pack into a lean, mean cycling machine. Today, Mike is a 175-pound athlete competing in some of the most difficult one-day racing events in America. This irreverent and inspiring memoir charts every hilarious detail of his transformation, from the horrors of skin-tight XXL biking shorts to the miseries of nicotine withdrawal.

Heft on Wheels is an unforgettable book about getting from one place to another, in more ways than one.”


Marco Pantani – ‘Il Pirata’

9 Mar

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6 Mar


mistake 1: Mistaking the potential for crisis for the cause of crisis.

” A bicycle has the potential to crash. It is narrow, hard to balance and is beset on all sides by the forces of gravity. Yet a bicycle has a means of overcoming this potential: a rider who propels the bike forward. This forward momentum overcomes the forces of gravity, actually using gravity to its own purpose in moving the bike forward. If the bike crashes we will see the forces of gravity kicking in, pulling it to the ground. Yet if it crashes we don’t say that the bike crashed because of gravity. We instead try to explain why the forward momentum of the rider failed to overcome gravity: ie. it was hit by a car, or hit a pothole, etc.”

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22 Jan

PEONFX has shifted!

Now a dot com, the good people of PEONFX has included add-ons such as paypal services for their products.

Drop by their website to check out the new interface.


22 Jan

Riding down south where the All Blacks call their home are the Chain Gang kids.

Click on the link to check out their blog. Some really nice photo sets there.

X’mas Wheels Sale

24 Dec

Up for grabs

Brand new:

1x White 26″ Aerospoke front wheel (with Panaracer Tserv tire + tube) ~ S$600 (sold)

1x White 700c Aerospoke front wheel ~ S$650

1x Electric Blue 700c Aerospoke wheel set (front & rear) ~ S$1250 (sold)


1x 28H 650c HED front wheel (clincher) ~ S$400