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9 Aug

Photo by MrBoBeep.


RATSKL/CrankArmSteady/PEONFX/Fixpatrix/Nookmag/The Killer Gerbil unofficial ride

7 Mar

More than a dozen of riders from RATSKL were here in Singapore this weekend. We had a good crazy ride with almost 30 of us mashing down Orchard Road on a busy Saturday night traffic. Rode and hung out at some of our usual haunts together along with the crew from CrankArmSteadyPEONFXNookmag & The Killer Gerbil. It is definitely a memorable one.

Hopefully, we will be able to join RATSKL in KL for some ride in the near future.

Added RATSKL, Nookmag & The Killer Gerbil into our blog links too. With few of the camera wielding riders, I think we will see some photos up soon, so stay tune.

Peace out homies!