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Stolen bike alert!

13 Aug

Jacky’s black Nagasawa was nicked outside the SUP clothing store this afternoon. Anyone seen this please contact our friends at CrankArmSteady.


Cinelli Supercorsa Pista 2011

10 Aug

Peep the rest of the Cinelli 2011 release here

BEWARE: Fake Leader 725TR

15 Jul

Apparently there are fake Leader 725TR frames floating around in the market. Watch out for those! Get the real deal at LeaderBikes


19 Jun

New products on FOCALE 44 bikes.

Yep, Kobe won!

18 Jun

Gary Shove and Patrick Potter presents 42 x 12 The Cult of the Fixed

20 May

Featured is our boy Arm in this hot off the press fixed gear book of riders around the globe.

Cop one off here now!

The Straits Times

24 Apr

Check out the Life! section of today’s copy of The Straits Times to read what Fixpatrix’s Erick & Dre have to say about cycling…