4 Sep

Fo 2011, Focale 44 is introducing their first polo bike appropriately named the Polo Bike. Yes, the bike name is so obvious that you instantaneously know what its function.

Currently, the picture above is the only that is available now. Kinda like a spy shot of sort from Eurobike show, taken by La Finca Distribution, their distributor in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The Polo Bike was developed in cooperation with a bikepolo team from Toulouse, France. Mainly with one of the crew, Théo Guerry. Starting from a Full Moon bike (Focale 44 first bike of the range), they changed the following parts to make it polo-ready :
– short and raised stem
– laidback seatpost
– confortable seat
– 28/16 gearing
– 2 chainguards
– 700x28c tires
– 48-spoke wheels.

The RRP is expected to remain under 600 euros in Europe and will be available in November 2010.

Final word from Fixpatrix: Well, this complete build looks promising: comfortable, robust and reasonably priced. The paintjob is sexy too. So if you don’t really play polo, just change  to a bigger chainring, and this bike will definitely be a, chixpatrix-magnet, commuting bike.


One Response to “2011 FOCALE 44 POLO BIKE”

  1. Jesus September 11, 2010 at 3:33 AM #

    Focale bikes. Please send us a sample bike for a bike check?

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