Curiosity killed the Incase Kitty

9 Jul

Not that I’m encouraging you to go look for these but it definitely
stopped my tracks on my way home.

Hello Kitty Incase Slider…?!?! At one look I was all convinced,
“bootleggin in my hood”. And – I remember seeing these up on eBay…

But seeing the current chrome collection all nicely packed in that
same slick black casing had me all examining like Inspectah Deck.

I’m not really a fan of knock-off’s but I thought 25 wasn’t too bad to
kill for the truth and a bit of fun. Chi-Ching!

Unpacked it and took out my other Incase sliders side by side. Upon
close observation I noticed there was just one part of the mold that
was just abit off proportion.

And that was the camera hole, the angle was slightly abit curved than
the OG. You’d only see that upon magnifying analysis though.

The finishing coat wasn’t as great, you could see the un-eveness and
paint blotches under light. However, the fit was the same glove-sleeve
sliding feel.

Verdict: Maybe it might shatter into pieces on that fatal hand-slip
but it’s a close-to-the-real-deal mold and might get heartlanders to
rep the look for half the OG money.



One Response to “Curiosity killed the Incase Kitty”

  1. Erick July 14, 2010 at 11:43 AM #

    The review that James has been waiting for! Perfect excuse for him to get an ifone.

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